Tax Talk Tuesday

Larimer County Assessor needs to be experienced

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Only Qualified Candidate

Knowledge and Experience Matter

First femal Assessor in Larimer County

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Ready to work

Ready to work day one.

Essential functions of this office require an Assessor that is ready to get the job done without having to to outsource the valuations.


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What I bring

I am the only candidate with:

  • Over 17 years of Assessment Experience
  • Certified General Appraiser License
  • Experience working with home owners after a natural disaster
  • Solid Understanding of Colorado's Complex Property Tax Structure
  • Background in water rights and conservation easements impacting the agriculture community
  • Ability to get property owners the answers and access they need
  • Experience working with home owners and business owners throughout Larimer County



Next Steps...

VOTE in November for QUALIFIED CANDIDATES and tell all of your friends and neighbors to do the same. Support Alexis for Assessor.