The Why

I am running for Assessor of Larimer County Colorado. Property values - and therefore property taxes - have increased over the last several years. The person responsible for valuing YOUR property should be a licensed real estate appraiser with an in depth understanding of Colorado Property Tax Laws. I am a Colorado Certified General Appraiser, and I am the ONLY candidate with the professional background and experience necessary for the Assessor position. Voters should not trust their property values to anyone else but the most experienced professional.  I have a wealth of experience in real estate appraisal, and recognize that the property owners often have a different view of the value of their property. Even when the value is statistically correct, owners should not be discouraged from asking questions and being able to verify that value for themselves.

Customer Service

My vision for the Assessor’s Office is to focus on customer service and access. This office works with a lot of information and I realize that the more the public has convenient access to that information the better informed they will be on what our office does and how we do it. The property owners of Larimer County deserve an Assessor who fully understands the position and the laws that drive the assessment process.  With more than 17 years of experience in real estate appraisal, and over 20 years in the real estate industry, I bring the knowledge and experience needed in this vital county office. I understand the vital role of the office in state statute, and that this office is a position of public trust.



Support from those in the know

Her message is simple and applies to all; but especially young women: Be kind to one another; support each other. “I couldn’t have made it through without all the love and support from all the sisters I never knew I had.”


Gather around

Dedicated FANS

Alexis is a breast cancer survivor and has resolved to show her daughter and young ladies like her that facing adversity head on makes us strong but recognizing we don’t have to do it alone makes us invincible.


Parade time

Showing Support

Political campaigns are made possible by the generous donations from people like you.  Please contribute  to help make this campaign a success.

Now What?

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