Ensuring the office is making the most of the tools we have to keep our budget in check and maintain great customer service


Building on the existing relationships with authorities throughout Larimer County to ensure deadlines are met and reports are correct.


Giving the public more information and opportunity to review their values and the data we use and explaining the process in a manner that makes sense.


To be an Assessor

There is a lot that goes into this position. I am a Certified General Appraiser licensed by the state of Colorado. Along with the 17 years of assessment experience, I also have a comprehensive understanding of everything from conservation easements to statistics and regression analysis.

Understanding the process

I look forward to serving as your Larimer County assessor. I know the complexity of Colorado property tax law. Northern Colorado has seen incredible growth. I have always encouraged property owners to ask questions and worked hard to make it easy for them to get good answers.


Next Steps...

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